Agnos Mayor's Record
  Art Agnos' Mayoralty started a new agenda for San Francisco aimed at broader inclusion and addressing the challenge facing cities in the 1990's... read more
Keynote Speech in Seoul, Korea   Keynote Speech October 26, 1995 for International Seminar on Livable Cities October 26 – 28, 1995 Seoul, Korea 500 year anniversary
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Remarks by Art Agnos, Luanda, Angola   Remarks by Art Agnos, Luanda, Angola
November, 1998
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Essay on the lessons from the
Loma Prieta Earthquake 20 years ago
  Twenty years ago, the whole world
watched as San Francisco faced its greatest
disaster in modern times... read more

KQED Interview with Art Agnos
on Homeless encampments.

"A lesson for cities: Tearing
down the Embarcadero"


In 1991, HUD had taken over Geneva Towers, twin 20-story highrises in San Francisco’s Visitacion Valley neighborhood. Originally built as market-rate housing, and privately owned, the Towers had become a major crime-ridden blight Read more...

Art Agnos

Art Agnos

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